Water Hydrant Flushing

Farmington Municipal Services flushes approximately 1250 fire hydrants once in April and once in October.

2018 Fall Hydrant Flushing Starts October 1 

Hydrants north of Highway 50 and west of the railroad tracks will be flushed Oct. 1 - Oct. 5. Hydrants in the remaining areas will be flushed Oct. 8 - Oct. 10 (other than Flagstaff Ave., which will be flushed on the first day of no school following flushing)

Flushing hydrants ensure good water quality throughout the system. The change in water flow patterns resulting from hydrant flushing may stir up mineral deposits in city’s water mains.

During hydrant flushing, it is not unusual for residents to periodically experience discolored water, pressure changes, and/or an increased chlorine odor. Sediment present in the water is not a health issue, but it may impact the aesthetic quality (taste, odor, color) of the water.

If discolored water is present, residents may correct the problem by opening all cold water faucets and allowing them to run until the water clears. Residents are also encouraged to check the color of their water prior to doing laundry. Discolored water may stain clothes, particularly whites. If laundry stains occur, keep the items damp until you are able to use a rust remover. Rust remover is available at Farmington City Hall, 430 Third Street.