Garbage and Recycling Collection

The City of Farmington is among the nearly 30 percent of communities in Minnesota that have organized garbage and recycling collection services. Garbage is collected weekly and recycling is collected every other week. Search your address in the map below to find your collection day and recycling week. Please keep in mind schedules shift for observed city holidays.  Sign up for E-Notifications. See the 2019 Holiday Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedule

City-owned garbage collection

There are two types of collection systems; open and organized. In an open collection system, customers choose their own waste hauler. In an organized system, waste hauling services are coordinated by a public entity. Organized collection service benefits include reduced wear and tear on streets, reduced traffic, pollution, and noise. Same day pickup in neighborhoods provides aesthetic benefits (carts at the curb just once a week), increased recycling capture rates, and excellent customer service.
Farmington is unique among those communities with organized collection because the city owns and operates the automated trucks that provide residents and businesses with an efficient and cost effective service. 

Single sort recycling, yard waste service, temporary dumpsters, and pickups for large, bulky items are provided by a private contractor, currently Dick’s Sanitation, selected through a proposal process.

Garbage disposal guidelines

Please follow these guidelines for garbage pickup:

  • Place containers at the curb or alley by 7 a.m. on your collection day. Routes may change and your driver may collect in your neighborhood at a different time of day from week to week.
  • Bag and tie your garbage to prevent litter and avoid attracting pests.
  • Keep containers behind the curb and off of the street.
  • Garbage containers need at least 5 feet of clearance on both sides from mail boxes, recycle carts, utility poles, fences, basketball hoops, etc., allowing access for the mechanical arm on the garbage truck. Containers should have at least 15 feet of clearance from vehicles.
  • Bagged household garbage outside of your container (set 3 feet away, please) will be collected and any extra fees will be added to your quarterly utility bill. Fees may be charged for bags holding container lids open more than 6 inches or for garbage spilled from overfull containers. Customers who overfill their carts more than 50% of the time during a quarter and do not request a level of service change will automatically be raised to the next level of service.
  • Return trips are available for a fee that is added to your utility bill. To schedule a return trip, call 651-280-6905 or email

Garbage cart size options

A number of personal factors affect how much garbage you generate. Farmington garbage customers can choose the size that best fits their needs.

Is the size you have working for you?

Three sizes - 30, 60, and 90 gallon - or a combination of carts are available. If you frequently have more garbage than what fits in your cart or way too much space in your cart every week, there are options available that may save you money. One option is to increase your garbage service level. Visit the garbage collection fees web page for rates.

Contact Utility Billing to setup or change service, or 651-280-6883. You can change your cart size once a year without paying a service fee.

Recycling collection

Recycling is beneficial to the environment and can help reduce your garbage service needs. Recycling markets are rapidly growing and items are added to the list of acceptable materials regularly!

Farmington residents report recycling more and being satisfied with the capacity of their recycling cart. However, if you have noticed that your recycling cart consistently does not hold all of your recyclables until collection day, first make sure you are breaking down your recycling so it takes up the least amount of space possible in the cart. If your cart is still overflowing every other week, you can request a larger one by calling DSI at 952-469-2239.

For current information on recycling even more, visit the Dakota County Green Guide.

Farmington garbage collection history

Here’s a brief history of garbage collection services in Farmington.

Do you have a big cleaning job? Dumpsters for rent

Temporary dumpsters are available to rent. Request forms are available at city hall and online - Dumpster Request Form. Call 651-280-6905 or email with questions. If you need a size not offered by the city, contact DSI at 952-469-2239.

Private haulers with a permit from the City of Farmington are able to dispose of remodeling/construction waste.  

Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Day

The 2019 Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Day will be on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Farmington Maintenance Facility, 19650 Municipal Drive.

If you miss it, NO WORRIES! ~ Most materials collected at the drop-off day are collected year-round at The Recycling Zone.  

Mattress/Box Spring Disposal: $20 per item Cash or Check only! (Checks to Certified Recycling, Inc.)

Confidential Document Destruction: Bring your confidential documents for shredding to mobile unit on-site. 

Household Chemicals:

  • Aerosol cans (w/product remaining)
  • Antifreeze
  • Auto batteries
  • Batteries (all kinds)
  • Driveway sealer
  • Fluorescent lights, ballasts
  • Gasoline, fuels
  • Herbicides
  • Household cleaners
  • Lawn & garden products
  • Lighter fluid
  • Nail polish remover
  • Oil & oil filters
  • Paint (latex & oil)
  • Paint strippers & thinners
  • Pesticides
  • Photographic chemicals
  • Poisons
  • Pool chemicals
  • Propane tanks
  • Roofing tar
  • Stain 
  • Varnish
  • Weed & inspect killers
  • Wood preservatives
  • AND most products labeled dangerous, flammable, combustible, poisonous, or corrosive.

Electronics (free unless otherwise noted)

  • Cell phones & telephones
  • Copiers & printers
  • Computer hardware (keyboards, mouse, towers, hard drives, modems, etc.)
  • DVD/VHS players
  • Electronic games systems
  • Fax machines
  • Laptops
  • Monitors ($10/each) (Checks to Dakota County)
  • Radios & stereo equipment
  • Televisions ($10/each) (Checks to Dakota County)

Small Household Electronics

  • Blenders (no glass)
  • Coffee grinders & coffee pots (no glass)
  • Food processors & mixers
  • Toaster ovens and toasters
  • Vacuums (no bags)


  • Up to four automotive tires (on or off rims)

Not Accepted

  • Appliances
  • Yard waste
  • Business waste
  • Farm waste

Questions? Contact Lena Larson at or 651-280-6905

The Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Day is partially funded by the Farmington City Council, the Dakota County Board of Commissioners, and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Most materials collected at the drop-off day are collected year-round at The Recycling Zone.  

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